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Drug overdose now leading cause of accidental death. 

Opioid-related overdose is the most common cause of accidental death in Pierce County, outnumbering motor-vehicle collisions and firearm deaths.  Overdose deaths in Washington are growing most quickly among people ages 18-24.

Fentanyl, a strong and fast-acting synthetic opioid, is the main reason for the fast increase. It’s now the main form of opioid sold on the street and online. It’s in drugs like heroin, methamphetamine, and fake prescription opioid pills. Many people know they use it. Others don’t know it’s in their drugs or don’t how much is in their drugs. That makes their risk of death much higher. 

Deaths and emergency visits from overdoses involving stimulants like methamphetamine and cocaine are also on the rise. Neighboring counties are starting to see overdoses related to tranquilizers like Xylazine. 

Data on overdose trends in Pierce County.

Our data will update you on the trends we see with opioids and other drugs. Look for dashboard updates several times during the year, including more local data like:

  • Who is most at risk of an overdose.
  • Trends to watch.
  • Community response work. 

Working together to save lives.  

You can easily access things like: 

Lots of people are working together to address overdoses. That’s why we collaborate on the Pierce County Opioid Task Force. The group works to reduce stigma, improve health, raise awareness and remove barriers for people with a substance use disorder. Questions about Pierce County Opioid Task Force? Contact Elizabeth Allen