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  • Community Behavioral Health & Well-Being

    Strategic Initiative

    Result (goal)

    All adults and families in Pierce County have safe emotionally, physically and socially balanced lives.


    • Develop, prioritize, and promote a screening strategy with community partners.
    • Reduce substance misuse in our communities of focus.
    • Improve mental health and well-being of residents in our communities of focus.
    • Ensure families feel safe and secure in their communities.


    Behavioral health includes how people think, feel and act. People with good behavioral health can navigate life, have positive relationships, and adapt to change. Poor mental health can lead to substance use disorder and other problems. A person’s well-being includes quality of life, happiness, meaning and purpose. A community’s well-being includes resilience—supporting one another through a crisis or change. We help people and communities have the best opportunity for good mental health and well-being.


    Prevent initiation and reduce harm caused by use of opioids, stimulants and other unsafe substances.

    Improve policies, systems and environmental conditions that affect mental health.

    Reduce unsafe behaviors that increase risk of injury and harm to families.

    Printable version of our community behavioral health & well-being strategic initiative.

    2021-2023 Strategic Plan