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  • Healthy Resilient Children & Youth (HRCY)

    Strategic Initiative

    Result (goal)

    All children and youth in Pierce County thrive in safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments.



    • The policies and conditions that support positive parenting and child health.
    • The physical health of Pierce County families.
    • The social, economic and environmental conditions for health for Pierce County families.
    • Adolescent behavioral and emotional health.


    Pierce County faces significant health challenges like infant mortality, child dependency filings, and mental health challenges. Our Healthy Resilient Children & Youth initiative aligns and streamlines programs to coordinate results for children and youth from prenatal to 19 years old. Social, economic and environmental conditions directly address the root causes of poor outcomes—factors like education, income and housing. Physical health programs focus from the perinatal period to age 11. Behavioral and emotional health programs promote wellness and build resilience, especially for children and youth ages 5-19. Healthy, resilient children and youth grow up to be healthy adults who contribute to our community.


    Provide opportunities that improve protective factors to support parenting.

    Develop culturally relevant programs and partnerships to eliminate chronic disease inequities.

    Improve social connectedness and social vulnerability for children, youth and families.

    Printable version of our healthy resilient children & youth strategic initiative.

    2021-2023 Strategic Plan