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  • Health Equity

    Strategic Initiative

    Result (goal)

    Everyone in Pierce County has equitable and racially just opportunities to reach their full health potential.


    • Increase health opportunities in the places and communities with the greatest needs.
    • Promote government decision-making that increases equitable and racially just health opportunities.
    • Increase organizational and public policies that promote health equity and racial justice.


    Health equity means everyone has the opportunity to reach their full health potential. Zip code, income, race or any other factor should not determine health. We work to build trust with communities through culturally grounded communications and community engagement. We created the Equity Action Network to share best practices and center work around communities with opportunities for improvement. While we serve all of Pierce County, we especially focus work and resources in 6 Communities of Focus: East Tacoma, Key Peninsula, Parkland, South Tacoma, Springbrook and White River. Our Health in All Policies approach encourages our partners to consider health in their decision-making processes.


    Strengthen and coordinate partnerships across systems to implement community-level action.

    Gain support for our policy agenda from community leaders, policy makers, and other key stakeholders.

    Promote civic engagement.

    Printable version of our health equity strategic initiative.

    2021-2023 Strategic Plan