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  • Racial Justice

    Strategic Initiative

    Result (goal)

    By leading with racial equity and justice, all Pierce County residents will thrive in a community that supports anti-racism and multiculturalism.


    • Increase staff knowledge about racial justice.
    • Increase use of reliable data to inform racial justice policies, programs, processes and decisions.
    • Revise, amend, rescind or re-create policies that don’t support delivering our targeted population result.
    • Promote community-based partnerships to inform decision-making and foster full and equitable civic participation while leveraging community expertise.


    Racism is a public health crisis. Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities in Pierce County have a lower life expectancy, poorer birth outcomes and higher rates of diabetes and other diseases compared to white communities. Good health won’t be a reality for all residents unless we address racism as a root cause of poor physical and mental health for BIPOC residents. Action begins with a commitment to the uncomfortable but necessary work to dismantle racism, both within our own organization and throughout the County.


    Design effective racial justice community training and education.

    Develop effective racial justice analysis and measurement tools.

    Increase culturally and linguistically appropriate services.

    Printable version of our racial justice strategic initiative.

    2021-2023 Strategic Plan