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  • How We Support School Safety

    Our work to help schools stay safe and healthy.

    Our school safety team plays an oversight role to keep children healthy at school. We conduct plan review and inspections at public and private school facilities and playgrounds for kindergarten through 12th grade.

    We take a big-picture approach to prevent student injuries and ensure the best possible learning environment.

    Through our plan review and inspections, we make sure K–12 public and private school facilities and playgrounds are safe and healthy for students.

    We respond to complaints and have jurisdiction over specific things. When needed, we also work with other agencies and utilities who may share jurisdiction. This includes:

    • Water supply is potable and approved by the water utility.
    • Everyone has access to toilet and handwashing facilities.
    • Sewage disposal through an approved system.
    • Ventilation.
    • Temperature control.
    • Sound control. Noise from outdoor or indoor sources must be below a maximum threshold.
    • Sufficient lighting.
    • Food handling. Read more on our Food Safety page.
    • Swimming pools.
    • Injury prevention:
      • Falls from heights.
      • Slips.
      • Asthma and allergy attacks from scented products.
      • Playground equipment.
      • Specialty rooms: science lab, robotics, art, carpentry/metal shop.

    Since 2021, RCW 43.70.830 and 28A.210.410 require Washington State Department of Health to manage and conduct lead testing in drinking water for all schools.