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  • School Plan Review

    Building or adding to a school, changing an existing school or adding a playground?

    We can help.

    Through our plan review, we make sure school facilities and playgrounds are safe for students.

    Before you turn in your application

    How to apply

    Washington State Department of Health (DOH) requires us to approve all of your plan review documents before you start school construction, additions, or remodeling to make sure there are no health problems at the proposed development site.

    To get started, complete all that apply: 

    • Site Review Packet.
    • School Plan Review. Required to build, remodel or convert an existing building into a school. It’s also required to add/move portables, change sports fields, and install/relocate science labs.
    • Playground Plan Review Packet To add, modify or move a school playground. We will bill at an hourly rate if you submit separately from a school plan review.
    • Water Recreation Facility Plan Review. To add or change a swimming pool or hot tub.
    • Food Plan Review Packet. To add or change a school kitchen, student store, concession stand or coffee shop. Also required if the culinary arts program will cater to the public.

    When do we require plan review?

    We must review before any work can begin on:

    • Building a new school.
    • Remodeling an existing school.
    • Adding or moving portables.
    • Changing an existing building into a school.
    • Changing sports fields.
    • Moving or installing science labs.
    • Adding a K-12 playground or moving playground equipment.

    What happens once I’m approved?

    • For site reviews, we’ll email you and the Building Department. Site reviews are valid for 2 years. If a school plan review packet is not submitted by this time, a new site review will be required.
    • For school plan reviews, we’ll email you and the Building Department. Once construction is complete, you must schedule a final inspection within 5 days.

    Changing ownership?

    If your school is changing ownership, complete a Change of Ownership Statement.


    • Email or call (253) 649-1713 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
    • Schedule a consultation when you complete 50% of your project’s design development.