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  • School Safety Resources

    Keep kids safe at school.

    From disease prevention to playground safety, learn more about how to keep kids healthy and safe at school.

    Follow safety guidance.


    Healthy classrooms.

    Healthier health rooms.

    Improve indoor air quality.

    Play safe.

    Prevent and treat MRSA.

    Stay bug free.

    Prevent asbestos exposure.

    School Health and Safety FAQs

    Yes! We have free posters, stickers, coloring pages and more. Contact Michele Haymond at or (253) 468-6373.

    Sure! We can give you resources to display or hand out to attendees. We may even be able to host a Health Department table. Contact Michele Haymond at or (253) 468-6373.

    We have given presentations to students and school staff. We may be able to help. Contact Michele Haymond at or (253) 468-6373.

    We have offered grants and funding to schools. When we offer grants or funding, we notify schools, school districts and community organizations.

    We inspect school kitchens to make sure food is safe to eat. We inspect school facilities to make sure they’re safe for students and staff.

    Our immunization information for schools page is full of information and resources.

    Our lice page has all of the information you need.

    Per WAC 246-366-060, schools are required to make sure bathrooms are adequate in number and accessible for use during school hours and scheduled events. Your local building department determines the number of fixtures, so be sure to check your local requirements. 

    Our School-based Oral Health Program offers preventive dental services for students.

    Washington law mandates testing to prevent and control communicable disease. We may ask a school nurse or administrator to arrange a private meeting with a student. We test and treat people 14 years and older. Minors may receive testing and treatment without parent or guardian consent.

    Yes, we have many! Check out our tobacco and vaping are not safe for youth page.

    Yes, we have many! See our marijuana prevention page. For even more resources, see our School Services Directory for who to contact.