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  • Beach Information

    Life’s a Beach. Know where it’s safe to swim.

    There are many great locations to swim, fish and play in Pierce County. While beautiful, our natural water bodies are home to algae, plankton and bacteria. Most of these are beneficial and do not harm people, but some can make you sick.

    We sample several popular salt water beaches weekly from Memorial Day to Labor Day. If bacteria levels are unsafe, we issue swimming advisories. 

    Monitored beaches:

    Funding for this work comes from the Marine BEACH Program. Washington State Departments of Ecology and Health partner to manage the program.

    Did you get sick from swimming?

    Swimming outdoors is usually a safe and healthy activity, but doing so in contaminated water can cause:

    If you think you got sick from swimming at a beach, or have concerns about a specific location, contact us at or (253) 649-1420.

    If your symptoms are severe or last longer than a few days, see medical care.