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  • Tobacco-Free Colleges and Universities

    Teach students life lessons in healthy behavior.

    Colleges and universities can help:

    • End exposure to secondhand smoke.
    • Support students who want to quit.
    • Model behavior that is healthy.

    Tobacco-free policies:

    • Protect you from secondhand smoke.
    • Reduce the number of young adults who start smoking.
    • Help young adults who do smoke to quit.
    • Change the social norms and culture on campus.
    • Reduce the cost of healthcare, upkeep of buildings, productivity and more.

    Need help?

    We can provide:

    • Financial support.
    • Technical help.
    • Samples of policies.
    • Survey administration.
    • Input for meetings and events.
    • Quit Kits – Order now!


    More information

    Contact Jessica Alvestad at or (253) 649-1646.