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  • Small Business Pollution Prevention Assistance

    Don’t let your business go down the drain.

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    Are you a Small Quantity Generator? Do you need help meeting environmental regulations?  We can help!

    We partner with Department of Ecology and other jurisdictions to help small businesses meet environmental regulations.

    Our free technical assistance visit can help reduce hazardous waste and pollutants before they reach the environment. 

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    During our visits we will review your business practices and work with you to find solutions to common challenges.

    We’ll cover:

    • Proper ways to handle and store chemicals. 
    • Proper waste disposal.
    • Responding to emergencies and spills.
    • Keeping chemicals out of stormwater.
    • Be aware of what’s going down your sewer or septic system.


    Questions? Want to schedule a visit? Contact us. 

    Learn more about the Pollution Prevention Assistance program.


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