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  • Infectious Waste Management

    Stay safe around infectious waste.

    We work to keep you and the environment safe from infectious waste. Contact with these materials can cause disease or injury. If you find infectious waste—most likely in the form of needles or syringes—know how to safely dispose of it.

    We make sure businesses that work with infectious waste have the proper permits and dispose of it safely. Infectious waste from medical offices and clinics includes:

    • Sharps (needles with syringes, scalpel blades, glass slides).
    • Cultures and stocks of infectious agents (blood specimen tubes, culture plates).
    • Blood, blood saturated gauze or bandages.
    • Pathological waste.

    What do we do?

    • Develop regulations for safe waste management in Pierce County.
    • We inspect businesses that produce Infectious Waste (IW).
    • Our staff works with businesses to keep the public and environment safe.

    What must businesses do?

    Businesses that create, transport or dispose infectious waste must get a permit. To get a permit, your business must apply and pass an inspection.

    After we receive your application and payment, we will schedule an inspection of your business.

    How do I dispose needles and syringes?

    See our brochures in the language you want. Contact us if you need this info in another format.

    Learn steps to safely remove discarded sharps.

    What are the regulations?


    Contact us at or call Kelsie Lane at (253) 649-1850 or Elese Mosier at (253) 649-1886 for more information.