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  • Secure Medicine Return

    Free medicine return locations and services.

    You can safely return medicine you don’t need. Funded by the drug industry—kiosks and postage-paid return envelopes are available to dispose unwanted medicine.

    You can drop off drugs sold in any form or dosage (pills, tablets, patches, ointments or liquids) at kiosks like:

    • Prescriptions.
    • Over-the-counter medications.
    • Legally possessed controlled substances.
    • Pet medications.

    Visit to find:

    • The items they accept.
    • Kiosk locations and hours.
    • Order mail-back supplies.

    Why should I use safe medication return?

    • Limit drug abuse. The home medicine cabinet is one of the most common places people look for drugs to get high.
    • Prevent poisoning. Young children get poisoned when they take medicine not meant for them.
    • Protect the environment. When you flush medicine down the toilet or throw it in the trash, it pollutes our water and soil.

    Rules and Regulations



    Contact us at or (253) 649-1839.