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  • 2024 Fee Schedule

    We review our fees each year to ensure we:

    • Cover our costs.
    • Meet the needs of our community, customers, and industry partners.
    • Are fiscally responsible with public funds.

    How we calculate our hourly rate and determine service fee rates

    We use an hourly rate calculation to establish annual hourly rates. To determine service fee rates, we multiply staff time to complete the service by the calculated hourly rate.

    Hourly Rate Percent Increase = [(C1 x C2) + (S1 x S2) + (M1 x M2)]

    Hourly Rate Increase = [(Hourly Rate Percent Increase × Current Hourly Rate) + Current Hourly Rate]

    2024 Proposed Hourly Rate Percent Increase

    [(6.9 x 33%) + (4.15 x 47%) + (10% x 20%)] = 6.23%

    2024 Proposed Hourly Rate Increase

    [(6.23% x $204) + $204] = $217

    Variable Value 
    C1 6.9CPI April (Seattle-Bellevue-Tacoma).
    C2 33%Supplies and services percent of expenses.
    S1  4.15%Attrition, salary adjustments and Collective Bargain Agreement COLA.
    S2 47%Salaries percent of expenses.
    M1 10%Medical insurance increase.
    M2 20%Medical insurance percent of expenses.
    Current hourly rate$2042023 hourly rate.
    2023 Fee Schedule Update - Hourly Rate Calc Image

    Tell us what you think

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