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  • About Us

    Public health is essential for all of us.

    Every day, we are hard at work so you can enjoy a meal, drink tap water, breathe clean air, and stay healthy and disease free. That’s why public health matters.


    Healthy People in Healthy Communities.


    We protect and improve the health of all people and places in Pierce County.


    • People are healthy and safe here.
    • People have equitable opportunities for health.
    • Children, families and communities thrive.

    Communicable Disease Control

    Prevents and controls the spread of diseases.


    • Investigate and limit disease outbreaks.
    • Help people with diseases like HIV/AIDS, whooping cough and tuberculosis get the care they need.
    • Prepare for and respond to emergencies.
    • Ensure food in restaurants and schools is safe to eat.

    Environmental Health

    Helps our communities become healthier places to live, learn, work, and play.

    We make sure:

    • People have access to healthy food and healthy environments.
    • Water is safe to drink.    
    • Air is safe to breathe.

    Strengthening Families

    Helps children, families, and communities thrive.

    We provide:

    • Family support for your child’s early years.
    • Substance abuse prevention, education, counseling, and treatment.
    • Comprehensive community oral health.

    Administrative Services

    Helps our organization stay high-performing, innovative and quality focused.

    We ensure:

    • Financial sustainability and capacity.
    • A responsive, well-trained and competent workforce.
    • Timely and effective communication.
    • Optimal facilities and technology infrastructure.

    This division includes:

    • Communications.
    • Finance and budget services.
    • Health equity.
    • Human resources and risk management.
    • Information technology.
    • Epidemiological assessment, community planning, and quality improvement.
    • Office of the Director.
    • Vital Records.