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  • Our Story Through Data

    Quietly at work to protect your health

    Every day, our roughly 270 employees work behind the scenes to fulfill our mission: To protect and improve the health of all people and places in Pierce County. Our work in almost 50 program areas means you can safely enjoy a meal, drink safe tap water, breathe clean air and stay illness-free. That’s why public health is essential.

    Data is an important tool

    Our work generates a lot of data, which is an important measure of how we help keep our communities healthy and safe. Through our data, you can see how we measure health where you live, monitor trends, and improve the quality of our work. Our data also help us ensure our programs meet goals and run efficiently.

    Learn more about what we do and the types of data we capture. Click on the icons for our divisions to:

    • View charts.
    • Download datasets.
    • Learn more about our programs.

    About our divisions:

    Communicable Disease Control

    • Prevents and controls the spread of diseases
    • Investigates and limits disease outbreaks.
    • Ensures people with diseases such as HIV/AIDS, whooping cough, and tuberculosis get care.
    • Prepares for and responds to emergencies.
    • Ensures food in restaurants and schools is safe to eat.

    Environmental Health

    • Helps communities become healthier places to live, learn, work, and play.
    • Ensures people have access to healthy foods and healthy environments.
    • Makes sure water is safe to drink and swim.
    • Protects air quality so you can breathe easy.

    Strengthening Families

    • Helps children, families, and communities thrive.
    • Supports families with young children.
    • Provides treatment, counseling, education and prevention for substance abuse.
    • Coordinates comprehensive oral health in communities.

    Administrative Services

    • Ensures our organization is high-performing, innovative and quality focused.
    • Ensures financial sustainability and capacity.
    • Ensures a responsive, well-trained and competent workforce.
    • Provides timely and effective communication.
    • Ensures optimal facilities and technology infrastructure.
    • Prepares for and respond to emergencies.

    Looking for more data?

    Check out our Public Health Data page for more information.

    If you have suggestions about other data you would like to see, click the feedback button near the top of this page. You can also email us directly at, or call (253) 649-1500.