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  • Strengthening Families Data

    A look at what we do

    We help children, families, and communities thrive.

    Our programs include:

    • Family Support Partnership—Promotes safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments for all children. Families can get the help they need at one of 9 family resource centers.
    • Maternal and Child Health—Supports pregnant women, first-time moms, and families of children with special needs and risk factors.
    • Oral Health—Helps improve oral health in the community. We work with Pierce County schools and help get kids access to dental care.
    • Youth Prevention Initiative—Works with community groups to prevent alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana use among youth.
    • Treatment Services—Helps people beat opioid addiction.

    Strengthening Families data

    Nurse Family Partnership

    Prenatal care—the first 3 months of pregnancy are critical to make sure mom and baby are healthy and happy.

    Nurse Family Partnership serves low-income women who are pregnant with their first child. Our nurses meet with moms early on in pregnancy. They provide regular home visits until the child is 2 years of age. We promote better diets and help reduce tobacco and drug use. We also provide tools that can help build parenting skills. Through one-on-one care, we help moms and babies stay healthy.

    *2018 numbers cover January through June.

    Family Support Partnership

    Childhood experiences can shape health for a lifetime. Nurturing relationships and homes help to give children the best possible start. We provide home visits, and individual and group parenting education. We work with our partners to get families the resources they need. Over 86% of the families that we visit report less anxiety and depression.

    Substance Abuse Treatment Services

    We help people recover from opioid addiction. Our support services can help them return to their normal lives. We offer mental health screenings, one-on-one and group counseling, and methadone treatment. 

    Opioid addiction is tough to overcome. The first 90 days of recovery are crucial.  One of our most important measures is retention. Around 85% of the clients that we serve stay with the program after the first 90 days. It’s a big milestone, and it improves the likelihood of long-term sobriety.