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  • Advisory Groups and Committees

    Are you an industry or community leader?

    You can get involved with our work! Join a mailing list or give input on initiatives or regulatory concerns. To learn more, send us an email.

    Coalition Resource Group

    Contact Marcy Boulet at or (253) 649-1880.

    Community Health Worker Collaborative of Pierce County

    Contact Johanna Wolf at or (253) 590-9398.

    Family Support Partnership

    Contact Family Support Partnership at or (253) 649-1011.

    Family Support Services Network

    Contact Cynthia Covarrubias at or (253) 649-1844.

    Food Advisory Group

    Contact Christina Sherman at or (253) 649-1698.

    Mid-County Collaboration Team

    Contact Andy Rohr at or (253) 649-1614.

    Nurse Family Partnership Advisory Committee

    Contact Megan Monson at or (253) 649-1633. Or contact Kelly Prince at or or (253)649-1571. 

    Northwest Healthcare Response Network

    Contact Gabrielle Hubbard at or (253) 649-1777.

    Pierce County Antibiotic Resistance Task Force

    Contact Elle Cooper at or (253) 649-1714.

    Pierce County Immunization Coalition

    Contact Kate Cranfield at or (253) 649-1770.

    Pierce County Oral Health Coalition

    Contact Dawn Jacobs at or (253) 649-1408.

    Pierce County Collaborative

    Contact Kindra Ahmann at or 253-649-1565.

    School Health Collaboration

    Contact Michele Haymond at or (253) 649-1674.

    Septic Professionals Advisory Group

    Contact Leigh McIntire at or (253) 649-1823.

    Teen Alcohol Prevention

    Contact Len Adams at or (253) 649-1620.