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  • Budget Overview

    Our financial health.

    Public health is essential to safe and healthy communities. We track, respond to and prevent costly food and water contamination and disease outbreaks.

    But new threats and limited resources could cripple our ability to serve our residents. Strong advocacy from our policymakers and stakeholders helps us continue to protect and improve the health of all people and places in Pierce County.

    Our budget and funding sources:

    A pie chart showing funding source breakdown superimposed over an apple

    Total 2022-2023 budget: $88,597,330

    Funding Sources:

    • (A) Federal: 11.7%
    • (B) State: 20.4%
    • (C) Pierce County: 10.3%
    • (D) City of Tacoma: 2.8%
    • (E) Permits & Fees: 45.8%
    • (F) Private, local & misc.: 9.0%

    Population, funding, and Health Department staff trends:

    Pierce County’s population continues to grow, but our funding and staffing levels have not changed much since 2010.

    Line graphs of trends between 2010 and 2016.  Population rose steadily from 795422 to 843954.  2010 funding was $32,150,677 and declined until 2014, but ended 2016 slightly higher ($33,634,636).  After a large dip in 2014, 2016 staffing ended slightly lower than 2010, dropping from 276.5 employees to 274.

    (Note: Total funding excludes operating transfers, use of fund balance, and Information Technology interfund.  Fiscal Year 2010 data converted from previous financial system.  Revenue for 2016 not final)