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  • Social Media Comment Policy

    Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department operates and maintains its social media sites as a public service to provide information about our programs, services, projects, issues, events, and activities. The Health Department encourages open and active discussion on our social media pages about healthy living; however, these sites are limited public forums and are moderated by Health Department staff. The Health Department limits the scope of discussion and comments on its social media pages to Health Department services, issues, or activities. We want you to express your opinions, share information, and post photos and videos in accordance with our General Comment Guidelines.

    General comment guidelines

    • Respect the viewpoints and opinions of others.
    • Keep comments relevant to the topic.
    • Do not post private or personal information.

    Page administrators reserve the right to monitor and delete comments that violate our General Comment Guidelines for the following reasons:

    Causes for comment deletion

    • Libelous comments meant to defame through false statements or depictions.
    • Comments with obscenity, profanity, vulgarity, or nudity.
    • Comments inciting unlawful or violent behavior.
    • Personal attacks, insults, name-calling, or bullying.
    • Violations of copyrights or intellectual property rights, including plagiarism.
    • Commercial promotions, spam or personal fundraisers.
    • Information intended as or that can be construed as medical advice.
    • Comments that violate any law.

    We may block, with or without warning, users who repeatedly violate our comment policy. We will block users without warning, whether or not this is a repeated violation or a first violation, for serious violations, including doxing, threats, spam, or inciting unlawful or violent behavior. We also review links posted within comments and may delete those posts or links, if they violate our policy. We may not see every inappropriate post or comment right away, so we trust our community to ignore personal attacks and negative speech or respond politely.


    Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department’s social media channels are open to all. As such, information in the comments is not vetted, and we cannot vouch for its accuracy. Posted comments and images do not necessarily represent the views of Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department. External links on these channels do not constitute official endorsement on behalf of Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department.