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  • Volunteer Types

    Volunteers expand the reach of our valuable work.

    A volunteer performs services for us with no compensation.

    General volunteer

    A long-term volunteer who provides skills and services. You will network, gain experience and build your resume.

    Job shadow

    Visits us for four to eight hours. During that time, you will observe, interact with our staff and to get an insider’s view of a career field.


    A learning program for a class or a single person. A professor, teacher or career counselor will lead your training.


    This is a great chance to get some real world experience. You will build some of the knowledge and skills you need to enter your chosen field. Internships come in two forms:

    • Optional practical training: Work experience before or after your complete your degree.
    • Curricular practical training: These are short term (usually 240 to 380 hours) and might be required as part of your curriculum.

    To qualify for academic credit, you and your school will work with our field site supervisor. You must set objectives to meet academic program goals. We will evaluate your work to ensure you’re meeting objectives. Interns can be high school or college students.


    People from public, non-profit and private organizations who work with us to advance our mission. You work onsite and are not employed by us. You may or may not be directed by the Department per a contract agreement. Partners may serve various lengths of time. You will coordinate with us as we rely on one other’s strengths to provide the best possible community service.

    Pierce County Medical Reserve Corps

    Read more about volunteering with the Pierce County Medical Reserve Corps.