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Public Health Centers for Excellence receives funding to improve fair access to oral health in Pierce County

TACOMA, WASH.—Oral health is an important part of overall well-being. New funding will help bridge the oral health equity gap in Pierce County.

Arcora Foundation selected Public Health Centers for Excellence at Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department as the backbone entity for the Pierce County Local Impact Network—for a minimum of three years. Funds will support a network manager, grants, technical assistance, advocacy, and other resources to build support and leverage local oral health resources. This community-led approach helps to ensure solutions reflect local needs and values.

“Maintaining good oral health helps keep us healthy and our immune systems strong,” said Director of Health Anthony L-T Chen, MD, MPH. “We know barriers and inequities exist in Pierce County for people to access quality dental care. We are excited to partner with Arcora Foundation to launch a Local Impact Network to improve access and care,” he said.

Addressing health disparities and improving health outcomes for the most vulnerable people in our community requires partnership and collaboration. Oral health supports overall health and quality of life. Public Health Centers for Excellence and Arcora Foundation share a vision to improve health in Pierce County. They will work collaboratively to establish an Oral Health Local Impact Network (LIN).

Pierce County Oral Health LIN will bring together community partners to improve oral health for those in the community who need it most. Our goal is to improve oral health equity in 3 to 5 years.

The partnership will result in community care coordination, oral health preventative services, access to care in community-based settings, community education, and other services to promote oral health equity.

Learn more about efforts to improve oral health in Pierce County.

About Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department: Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department’s mission is to protect and improve the health of all people and places in Pierce County. As part of our mission, the Health Department tackles known and emerging health risks through policy, programs and treatment to protect public health. We are one of roughly 244 accredited health departments in the country and among six in the state to have met or exceeded the Public Health Accreditation Board’s quality standards. Learn more at

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