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April 24, 2024

Key messages

  • You can shape your child’s attitude about drinking.
  • Keep kids safe. Secure your cannabis.
  • Board of Health will meet for a retreat next week.


Now is the perfect time to talk about alcohol misuse

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. It’s a great chance to check in on our relationship with alcohol and learn about the dangers of abuse.

  • Children and teens learn behaviors from watching parents and other adults.
  • People who start drinking before age 15 are more likely to experience:
    • School absences, failing grades, poor brain development, and social problems.
    • Legal trouble and alcohol-related motor-vehicle crashes.
    • Impaired judgment, poor concentration, and memory problems.
    • Misuse of other substances.
    • Mood changes and stress.
    • Alcohol problems later in life.
  • As youth face challenges in their lives, it’s important for them to stay healthy and resilient.
  • Families play the most important role in teaching kids the dangers of underage drinking, binge drinking and drunk driving.

Learn more in this Your Reliable Source blog.

Cannabis is not for kids!

You’ve likely seen our ads recently around Pierce County. Our message is simple: Keep kids safe, secure your cannabis.

  • We work with community partners to prevent youth cannabis use for many reasons:
    • Cannabis use is illegal if you’re under 21 and puts teens at higher risk for addiction.
    • Youth who use cannabis are more likely to fail in school.
    • Most teens who enter drug treatment programs report cannabis is the main drug they use.
    • Youth rarely think they will have problems because of cannabis.
    • It is important to talk about the risks early.

Questions? Email Jessica Alvestad at  

Board of Health retreat next week on May 1

The Board of Health will meet at a retreat next week, May 1, to discuss strategic planning. The Board will have its regular monthly meeting May 15.

Questions? Email Pat Darden at

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