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Dec. 20, 2023

Key messages

  • You’ll soon see a new!
  • Alcohol is the most commonly used substance among youth. Our work helps keep youth safe from alcohol.
  • We often update local Environmental Health Codes to protect your health. We’ll propose some changes next month.


Coming very soon: Your upgraded

You’re about a month away from seeing the new-and-improved!

  • We’re migrating to a new platform and excited for you to see it.
  • The Communications Team has been working closely with the vendor, AndiSites, to ensure a smooth transition for our internal and external customers.
  • You’ll see things on the new website like:
    • Upgraded language access.
    • A publication library you can filter and sort.

The project is on track to launch Jan. 15. Do you have questions about the new site? Reach out!

A look at alcohol and youth health

Did you know alcohol is the most commonly used substance among youth? 14% of high school students report binge drinking.

  • Early onset drinking can be a marker for future problems.
  • Drinking affects brain development and mood changes.
  • Binge drinking increases your risk of poisoning.

Our youth deserve a healthy life and community, so we:

  • Incorporate alcohol prevention in our work.
  • Track legislative bills that can help youth.
  • Help youth find treatment if they need it.
  • Message about the dangers of alcohol abuse.

Questions about our work to prevent youth alcohol abuse or ideas on how we can improve? Reach out.

Environmental code update

About once a year, we propose revisions to our local Environmental Health Code to make sure it’s doing the best possible job of protecting your health. This year, we’ll ask the Board of Health to adopt updated health and safety regulations for:

  • Camps.
  • Primary and secondary schools.
  • Water recreation facilities.
  • Food service.

These updates won’t change any services or processes for our customers. We’ll present a full resolution to the Board of Health at the regular meeting Jan. 17.

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