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Feb. 14, 2024

Key messages 

  • Bloodwork can help you gauge your risk of heart disease. 
  • Learn about our effort to educate youth about the danger of fentanyl. 
  • Find out what you will learn at next week’s Board of Health meeting. 


Make sure you know how best to protect your heart 

Do you know your risk of heart disease? Getting bloodwork done at your healthcare provider’s office can help you learn important markers like:  

  • Blood pressure.  
  • Cholesterol.  
  • Blood sugar.  

These markers can gauge your risk of chronic illnesses that can lead to heart disease. Knowing your risk allows you to act and make informed choices about your health. 

You can learn more in this Your Reliable Source blog. And find more tips on our website at

Protecting our youth with facts about fentanyl 

From January 2020–June 2022, 60 people under age 24 died of fentanyl overdose in Pierce County. And fentanyl was involved in another 342 drug-poisoning-related emergency visits. 

  • Tacoma-Pierce County Opioid Task Force gave us funds to create and run a youth fentanyl prevention campaign last year. 
  • This work is an example of what public health does best: Confront big health threats to our most vulnerable neighbors. In this case, that’s youth at risk of fentanyl overdose. 
  • We used approaches honed during our award-winning responses to complex public health threats, like COVID-19 and mpox, to partner with the community and reach our youth. We: 
  • Talked face-to-face with people in our community. 
  • Gathered local data to learn more about the youth who need help. 
  • Asked local youth to help develop messages. 
  • Educated youth about fentanyl and how to make decisions that reduce harm. 
  • Worked closely with local groups that work with youth. 

Learn more in this Your Reliable Source blog

Here’s what you’ll learn at next week’s, Feb. 21, Board of Health meeting 

You can hear a couple updates from our staff next week, Feb. 21, at our Board of Health study session. We’ll share: 

  • A presentation on our 2023 budget amendment to prepare you for a resolution in March. 
  • An update on our Meds First treatment program.   

Look for the agenda online later this week. Questions? Email Pat Darden at  

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