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Our financial assistance programs are only for routine inspections. You can’t use them for property sales. You may qualify for:

  • $125 off a routine inspection (required to receive other discounts below).
  • $125 of riser installation (inspection required first).
  • $200 off tank(s) pumping (inspection required first).
  • $500 off cost of minor repairs* (only available in certain areas).

*Repairs are minor when they do not require an installation permit, like replacing a malfunctioning part or installing mechanical methods to reduce clogging the drainfield. 

To apply, fill out the financial assistance form.

Email your completed form to or call us at (253) 649-1421. We will verify your eligibility and email or mail the form back to you.  

After you receive your returned form:

  1. Choose a certified septic system service provider from the list on your financial assistance form. We recommend you compare costs of several service companies and check online reviews.
  2. Schedule your service. Tell the service provider you are participating in the Financial Assistance Program.
  3. When the service provider arrives at your home, give them the returned form to receive your discount at time of service.