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Most establishments need a CFPM. You may not need a CFPM if your establishment is lower risk. 

You may be lower risk if you are a convenience store, movie theater, hot dog cart, coffee kiosk, cinnamon roll or pretzel stand, ice cream shop or temporary food booth.

For example, if you only:

  • Serve or sell only prepackaged food.
    Includes cold holding Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) like gallons of milk.
  • Prepare only non-TCS food.
    Like cinnamon rolls, candy, doughnuts, pretzels or blended syrup drinks.
  • Heat only commercially processed, ready to eat food.
    Includes lattes and hot holding low risk TCS food like hot dogs.
  • Serve food temporarily at short-term events.
    Like fairs and festivals.

Not sure if you need a CFPM? Contact us at or (253) 649-1417.