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Hope for life after the pandemic: Let’s work together on the many other things that protect and improve your health.

You’re not going to see the word COVID-19 again in this post.

You’ll still see it in some of our other work. We’ll be learning to live with the virus in Pierce County in the months ahead.

But you’ll also see us talking more about our other work to keep you healthy.

The last two years have been hard. We know you’re weary and we’re hopeful we’ll soon see a sense of normal life in schools, hospitals and businesses.

We still have too many deaths, but our latest surge is falling fast. Since our Feb. 1 case update, case and hospitalization rates fell by two-thirds.

It’s a great time for us—and you—to refocus on the many other ways we can best protect and improve your health.

A hopeful look ahead at life after the pandemic.

As cases decline, we look forward to a time when life becomes more predictable. That means hope for an end to our lives being disrupted.

It also means our staff has already begun spending more time on other things you care about, like:

An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure, so we love to help as early as we can. That’s why we send nurses out to work with brand-new moms. It’s why we focus so closely on kids and families. And it’s why we’re always reminding you to wash your hands!

Did we save your life today? You probably wouldn’t know it.

You might not have thought much about us until two years ago. That’s great! We love working quietly behind the scenes to protect your health in ways you don’t have to think about. We save lives every day without anyone knowing.

Last time you went out to eat, did you enjoy a properly cooked meal? Wonderful. We inspect your favorite restaurant and work hard to educate food workers.

When you look at your neighbor’s yard, is it free of sewage? Marvelous. We made sure they installed the right septic system for their property and knew how to maintain it.

Did someone you love quit tobacco—or better yet, decide not to start? Smart decision! There’s a good chance they connected with one of our resources or heard one of our messages.

Everyone’s health needs are different. So whether you need smoke-free housing or a clean swimming pool, a birth certificate or help with Substance Use Disordersafe shellfish or a safe summer camp, we’re here to help.

Reclaim control of your health.

Of course, you don’t need our help to get back into healthy habits!

You can start with the basic things you might’ve let fall by the wayside the last two years:

  • Make sure you get any health screenings you missed or are due for.
  • Work to maintain a healthy heart.
  • Get enough exercise and rest.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables.
  • And, of course, wash your hands!

Too many people have been sick during the pandemic and far too many have died. Let’s work together to protect and improve the health of all people and places in Pierce County. You can start by signing up for updates from the Your Reliable Source blog.