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Data breach exposed Food Worker Card records. We are notifying those affected.

On June 1, 2023, the Department of Justice informed us an unauthorized person accessed our Washington State Food Worker Card online training (Do it Right! Serve it Safe!) database. A copy of data from Nov. 18, 2018, was posted on an online forum in 2022.

The unauthorized person shared user account information for 1.5 million people on an online forum, including:

  • Name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Email address.
  • Zip code.

On June 26, we learned 9,500 records contained driver’s license numbers that were collected before Sept. 4, 2012. Many people have been issued new driver’s licenses numbers since then because the state changed its numbering system in 2018.

The state requires us only to notify those 9,500 people, but we are notifying everyone affected in the interest of transparency. We are also notifying the Attorney General’s Office.

People from counties across Washington use our Food Worker Card training and their information was included in the database.

The breach occurred with our previous software and hosting platform. We updated our software and moved to a new, more secure hosting platform in 2019.

We do not believe this breach poses a high risk for identity theft. However, if you’re affected, we encourage you to protect your information and review your credit reports at:

Learn more about protecting your info at:

Questions? You can contact us at or (253) 649-1414.

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