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Jan. 25, 2024

Key messages

  • Take a few simple steps to prevent floods around your home or business.
  • Are you and your family vaccinated against measles?
  • Check your fridge for meat products linked to salmonella.
  • What’s the latest from our executive recruitment committee?


Stay safe during wet weather!

  • Cold weather is giving way to wet wintery conditions around Pierce County this week. Are you and your family ready?
    • Follow evacuation advisories.
    • Watch for washed-out roads and downed power lines. Don’t drive over a flooded road.

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Get vaccinated to prevent measles! 

Make sure you and your family are protected against measles! State and local health officials are investigating 3 cases in Southwest Washington.

  • Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine is very effective against measles. About 95% of people get protection after a single dose. Two doses protect 99% of people.
    • Children should get 2 doses of MMR—the first at 12–15 months old and the second at 4–6 years old.
    • Adults born after 1956 should have at least 1 dose of MMR vaccine.
    • People born before 1957 are often immune but should consider getting 1 dose of MMR vaccine.
    • Adults, like healthcare workers, should get 2 doses of the MMR to ensure protection.
    • Women who plan to have children and are not immune to measles should get 1 dose of MMR vaccine at least 4 weeks before pregnancy.

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DOH investigates salmonella cases

Have you gotten charcuterie meats recently from Costco or Sam’s Club? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Washington State Department of Health (DOH) is investigating 5 cases of salmonella linked to Fratelli Beretta Antipasto Gran Beretta (sold by Costco) and the Busseto Charcuterie Sampler (sold by Sam’s Club).
  • DOH confirmed cases in Chelan (1), Douglas (1) King (1) and Spokane (2) counties.
  • Check your fridge!
  • Contact your healthcare provider if you have symptoms.

Learn more on DOH’s outbreak investigation webpage.

Director of Health recruitment update

Our Board of Health executive recruitment committee is considering 3 candidates for our Director of Public Health Position. You can find more information about our search on our highlighted job webpage.

Questions? Email Jessica Gehle at

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