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BRAVO connects businesses and customers who want to make healthier decisions.

UPDATED: 02/14/2022

If you’re like most people in Pierce County, you’re proud of our unique corner of the world. 

We’re a little different than our neighbors, so we do things a little differently. That’s what makes this place so great!

It’s also why we value letting people and businesses make the right decisions for their health and community. For years, we’ve worked to connect businesses and customers who want to make healthier decisions.

And it’s why we worked with a top-notch group of Pierce County leaders to find our own way to provide vaccinated places to eat and drink for customers who want them. 

Edison City Alehouse: BRAVO business.

Edison City Alehouse is one of those places. Michael Gruber and Sausha Carey bought it and took over in January. 

They thought long and hard before deciding the right decision for their customers and staff was to join our BRAVO program. BRAVO is a group of businesses who voluntarily require proof of vaccination from customers. 

“Being new to this spot, we really wanted to stay open as much as we could,” Michael said. “So, this was an answer.”

Edison City is a small operation. Michael says if they lose even 1 employee to COVID-19, they might have to close their doors for an extended time.  

Business is about giving people what they want. And customers have come from across Western Washington to take advantage of the chance to have a beer in a safer space.

“For the most part, people have been really cool about it,” Michael said. “It’s been nice that we’ve been able to help those people feel safe in Pierce County.”

A unique place deserves unique partnerships. 

Last fall, some of our neighboring counties chose to require all customers to show proof of vaccination when they entered certain types of businesses. That was the right decision for their counties!

We consulted local political and business leaders to decide what was right for ours and determined BRAVO was the perfect fit for Pierce County. 

We also agreed we didn’t want to exclude anyone from enjoying these great businesses. That’s why we encourage BRAVO businesses to offer options for unvaccinated customers, like:

  • A negative COVID test. 
  • Outdoor seating. 
  • Takeout. 
  • Connecting guests with similar options in the area. 

Working together to create safer spaces.

It was a smooth process because we’ve made unique decisions like this in the past. 

If you’ve ever rented smoke-free housing in Pierce County, you’ve seen our mission in action. Property owners and managers can volunteer to go smoke-free in their units. We list rental properties on our website that participate in our program.

EnviroStars improves the health of our environment by recognizing a business’s effort to reduce waste and use green practices. A 3-tier system rates business actions that protect the environment, employees and consumers.

And if you haven’t seen our recently updated food safety rating signs in restaurants, you will soon! We spent several years working closely with the community to create an improved system to protect you from foodborne illness.

BRAVO fits with this work well, offering safer spaces for customers to shop and dine.

Our goal as always is to protect your health and help our businesses thrive. 

More ways to support.

So far, 6 businesses have signed up for BRAVO. In addition to our support with guidance and promotion, we are helping with some of the costs to get going with the program. And, the City of Tacoma will provide American Rescue Plan Act funds to expand the program for up to 33 Tacoma businesses. 

All businesses that serve customers in person in Pierce County are eligible. Each new business that participates will receive a one-time payment of $3,000 to help offset costs for permitting, staffing, security and communications. Some businesses may also be eligible for a refund of their food establishment permit.

Our latest COVID-19 surge is falling fast. Pierce County total cases dropped more than 30% this week vs. last week. We are hopeful this trend continues. We know state health officials are monitoring a similar trend and reviewing guidance as we work together to learn to live with COVID-19. But vaccination will continue to be key. 

If you want to join BRAVO, contact us at

Find your dose.

“You know, we are just taking every day as it comes,” says Michael from Edison City. “Hopefully as things change and more people are vaccinated, we can open things up again some more.”

Find your COVID-19 vaccine today at If you need a ride to an appointment or can’t easily leave your home, we can help! Call us at (253) 649-1412, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.

And you can do even more to help stop the spread.

You can always help build trust with reliable information. Subscribe to the Your Reliable Source blog for our latest news and info.

UPDATED: 02/14/2022