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Casual and Connected: Get answers to your questions and concerns about COVID-19.

Pierce County residents help each other. 

From neighbors sharing food with neighbors, to friends driving friends to vaccine appointments, Pierce County residents show up for one another. 

Our Community Engagement team sees kindness happen every day. And we’re inspired. It makes us want to do our best to show up, too. 

We asked local partners how we could help create new opportunities to talk about vaccine. No pressure. No preaching. Just listening and having a casual conversation with people who already live and work in your neighborhood.

Many people are not flat-out against vaccinations. Some have fears and concerns about safety and effectiveness. Talking through some of these issues in a no-pressure zone is our best path forward to ending this pandemic.

Casual and Connected clinics provide a space for you to: 

  • Ask questions.
  • Share concerns.
  • Tell us what you’ve heard.
  • Talk about COVID-19.