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Learn more about how we protect and improve your health during National Public Health Week.

Even if you didn’t think much about public health 2 years ago, you probably do now. And this week is a great chance to learn even more about our work to protect and improve your health.

This week, we celebrate National Public Health Week. Each day, we explore a different topic and our work to address it and make Pierce County a better, healthier place to live.

Follow our social media accounts this week as we dive into each theme.

Monday: Racism: A Public Health Crisis.

Everyone should have a fair chance to be healthy. Not everyone in Pierce County has that opportunity. Black, Indigenous and People of Color have a lower life expectancy. They experience poorer birth outcomes and higher rates of diabetes and other diseases. Good health in a person or community is a policy decision. Learn steps you can take to make positive change at

Tuesday: Public Health Workforce: Essential to our Future.

You might not have thought much about us until 2 years ago. That’s great! We love working quietly behind the scenes to protect your health in ways you don’t have to think about. We save lives every day with services like:

Wednesday: Community: Collaboration and Resilience.

Smoking. Obesity. Lack of exercise. High blood pressure. And loneliness. If you want to live longer, taking steps to  quit smoking, lose some weight and get regular exercise will help. Did you know that social connections are at least as important as any of those things—and might matter even more? During the COVID-19 pandemic, social connections became challenging. We must work together to build them back.

Thursday: World Health Day: Health is a Human Right.

Health starts where we live, learn, work and play. Our income, education, housing and transportation create opportunities or barriers to health. Where we live, how much money we make, our level of education and race shouldn’t determine our health outcomes—but they do. The healthy choice should be the easy choice for everyone in Pierce County. And access to healthcare should be in everyone’s reach. Learn more about health as a human right at

Friday: Accessibility: Closing the Health Equity Gap.

COVID-19 revealed gaps in the systems that protect people’s health. If you don’t have access to things like healthcare, housing or even good info, you’re at higher risk of a bad outcome from the virus. That’s why we work with policymakers on things like housing, behavioral health and health equity. And that’s why we work hard to make sure everyone who lives here has access to our reliable information.

Saturday: Climate Change: Taking Action for Equity.

Our climate plays an important role in your health. As things like wildfire smoke and extreme temperatures increase, people who are already vulnerable are most at risk. We need to improve community resiliency so we have better health outcomes after climate-related disasters. Addressing climate change alongside other inequities, like racial injustice, helps improve the health of communities.

Sunday: Mental Wellness: Redefining the Meaning of Health.

Behavioral health is key to your overall health. It includes how people think, feel and act. People with good behavioral health can navigate life, have positive relationships, and adapt to change. Poor mental health can lead to substance use disorder and other problems. We’re still learning how the pandemic made these problems worse, but we’re ready to help. Learn more at

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