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Stay connected

It’s summer! School’s out. Families are on vacation. The snow and cold, gone. Summer is a great time to connect with others. Lots of research has found the same thing: People with no social connections end up with poor health. Here are a few things we’ve learned:

  • A strong social network increases your chances of staying alive by 50 percent.
  • Those with no social connections were 3 times more likely to die than those with strong social ties.
  • Men who suffer a heart attack who have no social connections are 4 times more likely to die in the next 3 years.
  • Being around people you care about releases good chemicals in your body and changes you mentally and physically.

Social Connections infographic

Connect with people

About 25 percent of us don’t have a single person we can confide in. To be our healthiest we need at least 3 people we can count on. Here are ways you can connect with people this summer:

  • Get involved—Help improve issues important to you and meet others who share your passion. Volunteer at a:
  • Get outside—Improve your mental, physical and social health. Live like the mountain’s out!
    • Take your dog to the park.
    • Clean-up your neighborhood or greenspace.
    • Farmer’s Market.
    • Enjoy a fair or festival.
  • Get active—Exercise is an important part of maintaining mental, physical and social health. Try joining:
  • Get to know your neighbors—Sometimes you need help with that fallen tree after a storm. Or maybe you just need to borrow a cup of sugar. Your neighbor is only a few feet away, and they’re probably willing to be a friend. Here are some ideas for connecting with your neighbor:
    • When you go out to get your mail, say hello.
    • Exchange phone numbers to be prepared for an emergency.
    • Go to a neighborhood picnic.
    • Plan a community get-together.

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