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  • Public Pool and Spa Safety

    Swim healthy and stay healthy!

    Keep your kids healthy at the pool.

    • Keep kids out of water if they have diarrhea.
    • Don’t let them swallow the water.
    • Take bathroom breaks every hour.
    • Change diapers away from the water.

    Learn more about healthy swimming.

    Make your pool safer with proper operation and maintenance. 

    To help Pierce County pool and spa operators keep their facilities safe, we provide:


    Contact Community Safety at or (253) 649-1713.



    Chou, Stephanie
    Environmental Health Specialist I
    (253) 649-1750

    Karnes, Lori
    Environmental Health Specialist Supervisor
    (253) 649-1712

    Newton, Crystal
    Environmental Health Specialist III
    (253) 649-1778

    Read, Paula
    Environmental Health Specialist I
    (253) 649-1792