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National Public Health Week reminded us we’re fortunate to serve you.

The week of April 4-10, you helped us celebrate National Public Health Week. We were overwhelmed with your appreciation and glad to share our dedicated staff’s great work.

We dived into a series of themes on our social media accounts:  

Public health has been in the spotlight the last two years. We heard from many people who used the week as a chance to reflect on that work.

High praise from Tacoma and Pierce County councils.

On April 5, both the Pierce County and City of Tacoma Councils issued proclamations to our Director of Health, Dr. Anthony L-T Chen. Both councils said remarkable things about our work and the direction of public health in Tacoma and Pierce County.

Pierce County Council Chair and Board of Health Chair Derek Young praised us for working quietly for the greater good. 

“Most of us didn’t know as much about public health before the pandemic, and really the workers prefer it that way,” Young said. “They would like to get back to their more anonymous duties basically protecting the water we drink, the air we breathe and keeping us safe when we go out to restaurants.”

At the Tacoma City Council meeting, Mayor Victoria Woodards’ appreciation for Dr. Chen was clear.

“I am so grateful, Dr. Chen, to you and your entire staff,” she said. “To have a leader who truly cares about everyone in our community and who works hard every single day to save lives. That’s what you all did during the pandemic.”

You can watch the meetings:   

 Social media shout-outs.

We also heard from many of you on social media. Our posts combined to reach more than 10,000 people online and received more than 100 positive reactions.

One commenter on our Mental Wellness post said, “Keep up the great work TPCHD. Yours is not an easy service to our county. Your mandate and commitment to all aspects of public health is clear. I am proud to know y’all.”

Another commented on our Climate Change post: “My new year’s resolution is to plant one tree per month for the rest of my life. I have been teaching myself how to grow trees from seeds. Currently, I have approximately 3 dozen small cedar trees growing. I have also planted some maples, and soon some fir as well.”

Public health is where you are.

“Where we live, work, learn, pray, and play determines our health,” Dr. Chen told both councils. “Together, we strive for healthy people in healthy communities.”

This year’s theme for National Public Health Week was “Public Health is Where You Are.” It showcased the many ways we can make our communities healthier and stronger.

We live, work, learn, pray and play in Tacoma and Pierce County, too. We’re proud to serve you.

“From the shores of Puget Sound to the summit of Mount Rainier, our public health workers protect and improve the health of all people and places,” Dr. Chen said.

Thank you again for supporting us. With your help, we will continue our mission to protect and improve your health.

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UPDATED: 05/02/2022
UPDATED: 04/29/2022