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  • Operating a Commissary Kitchen

    A commissary kitchen is a permitted food establishment where operators make, store, portion or package food. Caterers, mobile food operators, temporary event vendors, and some to-go style restaurants must use a commissary kitchen.

    Commissary kitchens do not serve food on-site.

    Operators prepare food in a commissary to serve at a different location.

    More than one operator may use the same kitchen.

    The number of people a commissary can support depends on how much space is available. This includes refrigeration space.

    Commissary kitchens need the right equipment.

    Operators must be able to prepare food safely. Kitchens need equipment like:

    • Sinks.
    • Refrigeration.
    • Cooking equipment.
    • A walk-in cooler to support most operators, menus and processes.

    Learn more about what you need to operate a commissary.

    Get a commissary permit.

    Before businesses can apply to use your commissary kitchen, you need a permit. To apply for a commissary permit you must submit a plan review application.