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  • Temporary Food Establishment Permit

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Temporary Food Establishment Permit FAQs

    Do you plan to serve, sell or give away food at an event open to the public? You must get a permit. Your event is public if you advertise using:

    • Flyers.
    • Banners.
    • A-boards or signs.
    • Newspaper ads or mentions in articles.
    • Facebook, Twitter or other social media.
    • Any other form of public advertising.

    Church dinners, by invitation only or unadvertised events for members and their guests do not need a permit.

    Non-profit organizations operating for religious, charitable or educational purposes may hold bake sales with homemade baked goods not requiring temperature control. You must individually wrap items. A clearly visible sign at the point of sale must read, “Food was prepared at a kitchen not inspected by the Health Department.” Such bake sales do not need a permit.

    Some items and processes are not allowed at temporary food establishments, including—but not limited to:

    • Cooking gyro bundles or cones.
    • Cooling food of any kind.
    • Room temperature storage or time as a control for items like sushi rice.

    Still have questions?

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